Overview: the meat industry is no longer sustainable and is the largest effector to our climate to date and we need dietary changes.

Problem: How do we get people the right resources to help them limit their environmental impacts from their meals? 

Solution: You can't. No matter how hard anyone tries, they will never be perfectly environmentally friendly. Even if you eat something vegan or meatless it could be high in emissions pollution, or water usage— and so on.​​​​​​​
Byteable is a company that allows people to track their environmental impact through meals, while also providing them with education on the sustainability of their food. The intent of this company is change the perspective of food from calories to resources, without ever mentioning a specific dietary plan or shaming them for not being "sustainable enough" or appealing to their ethos with sad videos. 
Byteable is just an a company that tells you about your food, and inspires change.
Byteable wants to educate without making you feel shamed for eating something. Because of this, design incorporates fun and playful typography sharing facts about certain foods. Using this display typography allows for the the facts to be be concealed in what could be just a nonaggressive pattern from afar.
The one-time purchase boxes sell different brands of low-impact foods sold in sample sizes. This kind of purchase would allow the user to test and try out different brands without potentially wasting their money on full sizes of foods they don't enjoy. 
The web site is used to purchase these boxes as well as learn more about different sustainability topics and news. To have effective web design and online legibility, the display font is used only on the homepage.

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